The Trading Method Behind Charting Forex

How I Generated Over +400 Pips Last Week and +1000 Pips Last Month

Charting Forex = Daily trade setups + technical analysis

Why Charting Forex Works and How It Generated +1000 Pips Last Month

Charting is the latest Extraordinary Trading program.  It helps traders earn while they learn. 

Traders from around the world are able to trade either part-time or full-time using the information provided in Charting Forex.

The method is simple and consists of identifying common trading chart patterns, such as wedges, flags, triangles, and channels. We also take trades using fibonacci retracements and use support & resistance levels for every trade to refine our entry and profit targets.  

The results of this simple trading method has been astounding with +1000 pips generated during the first month of the program, a 2-week winning streak, over +400 pips generated last week and we are on track to meet or exceed +1000 pips for the second month of the program.  

Chart Patterns vs. Price Patterns

Chart patterns are different from price patterns in a few ways.  Chart patterns use a larger data set than price patterns. They also allow for more time to enter trades whereas price patterns are ideal for quick trades.  Chart patterns by design require a larger stop loss minimizing the most common source of losses for our members in other programs, which is getting stopped out of "would be" profitable trades.   

By eliminating unnecessary losses, Charting Forex has been able to generate well over 90% winning trades. 

Trades Closed Last Week

Descending Triangle:  A descending triangle identified during a downtrend at a major level of support served as a reversal pattern resulting in price moving upward and a +75-pip profit in less than 24 hours.

Falling Wedge:  A falling wedge pattern formed during a downtrend following a period of consolidation provided  the perfect setup for a breakout to the upside for a +75-pip profit on EUR/USD.   

Descending Triangle:  Formed during an uptrend of NZD/CHF at a major level of resistance.  Price rejected resistance for several days before moving lower.  An early exit was taken prior to price revisiting the resistance level.

Rising Wedge: Price rejected NZD/CHF resistance for several days before a false breakout to the upside of the wedge.  A bearish wedge breakout served as an ideal entry for going short before taking profit at support for a +30-pip gain.

Bullish Flag: NZD/USD formed a double bottom at the end of the downtrend followed by a strong move to the upside.  A bullish flag formation provided an ideal buy entry for a +55-pip profit.

Channel: A channel formed during the NZD/USD downtrend.  A strong move to the downside occurred after the formation of a bearish flag.  A retest of the flag provided an ideal short entry resulting in a +146-pip profit.

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