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So what exactly are Extraordinary Trading Forex Signals?  They are...

The Ultimate Path to Wealth Building

Last year our members realized double-digit returns.  

2016 was one of the most challenging years for trading due to choppy price action leading up to high profile economic events, such as Brexit and the U.S. Presidential Election.   In spite of challenging trading conditions, our Forex trading signal members who risked 1% per trade profited 10.85% and those who risked 2% per trade walked away with a whopping 21.7% return.  

While the largest and most well-known Hedge Funds experienced significant losses in 2016, we generated double-digit profit results for our trading signal members and they kept all of their profits while paying us a modest fee.

Extraordinary Trading Forex Signals work off of one simple concept:  

experience + skill + risk management + consistency = profit

This is a very simple concept, but it's what it takes to generate consistent profits from the Forex market.  We have years of experience and thousands of hours invested in developing our trading skill.  We've also learned through trial and error over the years the importance of risk management and consistency.  These are crucial elements of profitable trading.  

Take a look at recent results.

  • During the 1st quarter of 2017, we generated a 689% return on risk. That is a 6.89% profit for 1% risked per trade or 13.78% for 2% risked per trade. This was during a period of a lot of ups and downs due to uncertainty in the world economy and financial markets.
  • But within just one week in April we generated a 433.50% return on risk, which is a 4.3% profit for an individual risking 1% per trade or an 8.6% return for someone risking 2% per trade.
  • This is why it is imperative for individuals interested in earning consistent profits from Forex to have the tolerance for persevering through dull periods, so that they benefit from periods of great returns.
Profitable Forex Trading Signal

Say Goodbye to Losses Resulting from an Algorithm that has gone Haywire

Extraordinary Trading Forex Signals are identified and managed by a real person eliminating excessive losses and confusion caused by an algorithm that triggers signals uncontrollably during choppy price action or major economic news reports.

In addition, we monitor the market and send Forex trading signals real-time, so that you are notified as immediate as possible. Our members are sent trading signals before we take the trades in our accounts.

We are the only trading signal service that offers convenience-based signals.  80-85% of our trading signals are sent between 7:00-9:00 AM (EST) and the remaining 15-20% between 9:00 AM-2:30 PM (EST).. Our intraday signals are only sent during the New York session eliminating a common issue experienced by members of other services that send signals during unexpected times and oftentimes in the middle of the night.  After all, what good is a trading signal service if you're never able to take any of the trades.  

Furthermore, we are the only trading signal service that takes a risk-based approach to account management.  While most Forex trading organizations focus on pips gained or lost our focus is on the numbers that really matter when it comes to determining profitability.  ​This means that we calculate the risk-to-reward ratio of each trade and use a consistent risk percentage for each trade.

Trading signals delivered via SMS and Email

Real-time signals sent before we take the trade

Know when to expect our trading signals

Extraordinary Trading Forex Signals are Ideal for Committed Traders

Financial markets have periods of predictability and unpredictability, which is why nothing works all of the time.   

Our goal is not to be right every time, but for our winners to outperform the losers over time. This means that some times we're profitable and sometimes we aren't. This is the nature of financial markets and why our trading signal service is best suited for those who are committed to ongoing trading or investing.

  • 10 Year Average Learning Curve. Follow our trades while practicing and developing your trading skills.
  • Supplemental Income. Take your dream vacation.  Remodel your home.  Build a nest egg.
  •  Income Replacement.  Ideal for individuals who have saved a large lump sum of money and consistently follow our trades.

Extraordinary Trading Forex Signals

Profitable, Real-time, Convenience-based Signals

Forex trading signals sent Monday through Friday.  Trade before work or from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.  All that you need is a Forex trading account, mobile phone or computer with your trading app installed and cell phone or internet service.  We handle the monitoring for new trade setups and trade management updates. 

We also provide you with tools and resources to calculate your position size per trade along with other useful tips to help you to manage your account.

  1. Real Professional Trader: Our signals are identified and managed by a real person.
  2. Real-Time SMS & Email: Trading signals are identified and sent real-time to members via SMS and email during the New York session.
  3. Money Management: Tools and resources to calculate the correct position size according to individual risk tolerance and information on the numbers that truly matter when it comes to profitability.

See what some of our members have to say:

I appreciate the additional income and am looking to follow your footsteps to an early retirement.

Course + Signals Member

You have changed my life and I am by no means anything special. I just choose to understand and work hard on learning and being disciplined as per your system and advice. Thank you.

Rico Course + Signals Member

44% Profit

(1st Quarter 2016)

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