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We Help Individuals to Live a Life of True Freedom 


Extraordinary Trading is aimed at helping you to live a lifestyle of time, location and financial freedom.  We create educational resources that teach you how to trade financial markets for profit through our online trading courses and free videos, and provide trading signals and ideas to those who want to follow our trades.





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Yolanda, Founder

Extraordinary Trading

About the Founder

My trading journey started in early 2012 after leaving my six-figure salary in 2011.  It was scary to walk away from a career that I had worked hard to build, and that provided a comfortable lifestyle, but I have no regrets.  I LOVE my life.  The freedom to do what I want when I want is priceless. But, it didn't come without A LOT of hard work, sacrifice and commitment.  In 2015, I began offering trading education and income solutions to help others achieve the same level of freedom that I now experience.  I have members all over the world and enjoy being a part of making the dreams of others come true.  

After taking your course I have entered a trade with confidence for the first time. I've already made back the cost of the course after my first trade. Thank you!


I appreciate the additional income and am looking to follow your footsteps to an early retirement.

Course + Signals Member